"The Women" Snyopsis



Character Auditions for the play "THE WOMEN"

January 22nd Starting at 6:30 pm and January 23rd 6:30 pm or by appointment.

Contact Nancy Arnfield by e-mail


or phone 313-820-8618

(these are lead and supporting roles, the many others leave much to the imagination of the actor in developing their personalities.)

  1. MARY – kind, warm, maternal, domestic, loving, tolerant, betrayed, proud
  2. CRYSTAL – inconstant, flirtatious, mean, sultry, grasping, bold, brassy, selfish
  3. MRS. MOREHEAD – (Mary’s mother) dignified, pragmatic, maternal, opinionated, supportive
  4. PEGGY – sweet, sentimental, impressionable, loving
  5. COUNTESS – extroverted, exuberant, multiply-divorced, worldly, 
  6. SYLVIA – catty, sharp, gossipy, fashionable, elegant, judgmental, disloyal
  7. MIRIAM – tough-cookie, flashy, practical, chorus girl, untrustworthy
  8. LUCY – rough around the edges, warm-hearted
  9. EDITH – socialite, sloppy, materialistic, chatty, foolish, placid (always pregnant but not maternal)
  10. NANCY – cynic, clever, adventurous, worldly, sleek, scornful, intelligent
  11. LITTLE MARY – thoughtful, smart, loyal, concerned, earnest
  12. PRINCESS – fashionable, “royal,” model, elegant
  13. MAGGIE – (Mary’s cook) cynical, knowing 
  14. MISS T. – (office manager) sympathetic, organized
  15. MISS SHAPIRO – organized, confident. Fashion consultant
  16. MISS F. – (nanny) stern, brisk, no-nonsense, judgmental
  17. OLGA – (manicurist-salesgirl) gossipy, ditzy, 
  18. JANE – Mary’s maid, loyal but  aware.

  • There are another 15-20 small roles that will be double cast as the character may appear in only one scene, but the actress can appear as several different individuals.